Friday, December 2, 2011

Today is Special

Today is the day my daughter in law is sworn in as a United States citizen and as mother in law I could not be prouder. Of course, she and my son are in New York City and I will have to celebrate alone here in Ohio. I do not know all the steps that they had to go through but I know it was time consuming and expensive. My son is an attorney and decided that he could do the leg work but he now has a new respect for the attorneys that do that for a living. There are lots of things required to make this possible. For example, they needed her birth certificate. Seems easy, right? No. She was born in India and has 6 birth certificates. And the one that had all correct information was in Hindi and they had to have it translated and then get an affidavit that it is correct and that she did not do her own translating.

She is traveling with her job and was in Florida until last night. She had a late night flight back to NYC for the ceremony this morning then back to Florida to finish out her presentation. At least for the trip back to Florida my son is going with her and they will celebrate together in warm, sunny Florida.

A very proud mama,

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