Friday, December 16, 2011


I have finished sewing the center piece of my contest quilt for JoAnn's. And now I am on the computer working on my EQ7 working on the border design. I have an idea in my mind and I want to confirm that this is really what I want to do. And it is. The only Christmas sewing left to do is Frankie's dog coat. It is cut out and I just need to sew it up. That should not take very long and I will do it tomorrow.

Val is coming tomorrow evening for another sewing lesson. She has wisely decided that there is no way she will be able to finish nightgowns for herself, her sister, her niece and her daughter. They will make nice Valentine's gifts. She is going to tackle an apron for her friend's birthday. The party is New Year's Eve. That is a more attainable goal. I can cut fabric for my piano key border and she can sew. It will be a very fun evening.

In stitches,

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