Monday, December 19, 2011

The good and the bad

Today there a bit of both. The good was I got most of my shopping done and all of my sewing done. The bad was there is another leak in my roof. I did not get it fixed the last time because there is no more funds available at this time. Today after I called my handyman to come and fix my roof, I called my bank looking for funds to pay for the repairs. And of course, there was no money to be had. But the lady at the bank reminded me that I had a CD for $500 and for a penalty I could cash it in and get my roof fixed. The penalty was $2.70. I now I have my roof repair done just before the rain started again. I am happy.

Val was here tonight and finished her apron for her friend's birthday. I am all done with my Christmas sewing. Tomorrow I will be working on my contest quilt. They did not appear to be busy at work today. I checked in about 4pm and they had already sent quite a few people with out pay. As much as I would like to leave early, the calls that I take do not allow the option of leaving early without pay. I would like to put the CD back in the bank after the holidays so I am glad that I will be staying every day this week for my entire shift.

I am thinking it is about time for bed. It might have been my day off but I was up early sewing and then shopping. It appears that I will be staying home tomorrow. Sewing is on my plate.

In stitches,

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