Friday, December 23, 2011


The wrapping is done and I forgot to take pictures of all my Christmas sewing. I will remedy that tomorrow and get those pictures posted after Christmas. We were somewhat busy at work today. All I can figure is if you send enough people without pay, then I am bound to get more phone calls. Cannot imagine what tomorrow will bring.

I have a kidney stone dancing in time with all the Christmas music on the radio. I was hoping if ignored it the dancing would stop, but that has not happened. I have medicine I can take but it will knock me out and I still have cleaning to do. Oh well, life goes on.

Still waiting to hear if my kids have gotten on the road. They are driving straight thru from NYC to Dayton, Ohio. They were hoping for an early start but my son got a new project at work and their departure has been delayed. Maybe driving late at night will mean less traffic. They will be in my thoughts until they are safely home.

In stitches,

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