Saturday, December 17, 2011

Contest Quilt

The quilt is ugly. It is very busy and the best thing for it right now is a bag and a trip to sewing room. I will revise the design and start all over today. The only sewing left to do is the dog quilt for Frankie. It is a piece of cake and I will whip that up tomorrow. I only need 42 blocks. I am working today and as long as I am tethered to my phone and computer I can do anything I want to, to fill my time. Cutting and sewing will fit the bill today.

Tonight is sewing with Val. We will share the sewing machine. Tomorrow is a Christmas program at my brother's church in the afternoon and then back to his house for dinner. Monday is my day off and I need to finish up my shopping. Just a few things and I can get most of it at JoAnn's. Coupon sale starts Sunday. I will then set up a wrapping station next to my desk during the week and get the wrapping done. I think I have it all figured out!!

In stitches,

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