Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Sewing

Christmas sewing has been interesting this year. I started out with a nightgown for my niece and it went together easy as pie. I have been sewing for more than 40 years. Then I got a nasty head cold, flu thing and for a whole week I worked every day and was in bed by 7pm. No sewing done at all. So I am a bit behind at this point. I still have two pairs of sleep pants to make and a coat for my grand puppy. Last night I cut out the coat for the grand puppy and started on the sleep pants. I looked high and low for my tracing paper to trace of the appropriate patterns for the sleep pants. No such luck. Could not find the tracing paper so I went to bed. This morning I found the paper next to my bed. It could not have been there last night, because my sewing machine was living in that spot for the last several days. The tracing paper is on a heavy cardboard roll. So now I am ready or not. Seems the pattern I thought was in multi sizes for the baby's sleep pants is just on size. Large/extra large. He is not there yet. He is more Medium. Now I have to alter the pattern. I went to the basement to look at my pattern collection and I have the same style of pattern in a Medium. I may be able to pull this Christmas sewing off after all. I would like to get them cut out before work and sew them after work. And during work I want to work on my quilt for the quilt contest that JoAnn Fabrics is sponsoring. At least that is my plan.

In stitches,

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