Wednesday, December 21, 2011


My Christmas present has arrived. It is in a big box and I am so excited. It is a new computer. The box is not wrapped and I had to sign for it this afternoon. It is from my children. So last night I started cleaning the basement so the new computer would have a clean space to live in. I got quite a bit done but there is still more to finish tonight. I am working on the  revised contest quilt during the day and cleaning in the evening. It is working out just fine. Wrapping will begin on Friday in between calls at work. Should be able to get it done quickly. Wondering how I am going to wrap the tiaras I got for my great nieces. Issues, issues issues!! Life is always interesting.

I will post pictures of my Christmas projects after Christmas. I do not want anyone to peek at their gifts before the big day.

I already know we are not having a White Christmas in this part of Ohio and I am okay with that. I would really like to have dry Christmas. It is raining yet again in this part of Ohio. Would somebody please turn off the rain faucet?

In stitches,

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