Friday, December 3, 2010

Soon and very soon

Today is the weekly Friday night sewing get together here at the house. Tonight Nicole will be joining Jennifer and I and we will hear all about her new job. I, myself, have a phone interview for a job this afternoon. Keeping my finger crossed. My department at work is being outsourced to Manila and they not offering any lateral moves to other departments.

In honor of having guests tonight, I am making homemade spaghetti sauce for dinner. Mind you, I cannot partake of this great feast as I am on a medically supervised weight loss program. But I am having a Lean Cuisine and tossed salad. Good food and good friends and sewing!! The evening cannot get any better than that.

I will working on my big, red square and Jennifer will be working on her Grandmother's Flower Garden and Nicole will be crocheting . I am hoping she will be bringing the stuff she has been working on. She would show me the stuff when she was still working with me.

We are expecting what the weatherman affectionately calls accumulating snow. No amounts are given and the word "accumulating" covers as bases. There was dusting outside this morning when I stepped out to deposit my cans in my recycle bin. It was my kind of snow, only on the grass and trees. Nothing on the roads or sidewalks. But I do know where my shovel and melting compound are just in case. This weekend the extra shovel and melting compound will start traveling in my car. One can not be too prepared. Next come the boots and Yaktrax. These will live in my purse for the entire winter season.

In stitches,

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