Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas sewing

My Christmas sewing is moving right along. I finished the quick Christmas project that I cannot show you until after Christmas. It is purple and turned out just like I had hoped it would. The binding is ready for application on the Competition Ribbon quilt. I am hoping to finish that up for delivery on Monday. The overlay for the big red square will begin today. First, I will need to square up the quilt and then start the strips and the stars. I only need 13 stars. I will have pictures of this project after Christmas.

I do have 6 pairs of earrings to make using Christmas bulb ornaments. I am seeing my mom and one of my sisters tomorrow for a concert and I want them to have their pick of the crop. Though my mom has already picked green. They will be festive for the season. 


I also have a spot to repair on the rag quilt I have made for my nephew and then I can wash it at home and take it to the laundromat for the final drying and fluffing. I almost forgot about this project until my sister {Hi Karen} mentioned she was at the laundromat yesterday drying her flannel quilt she is making for a Christmas gift. Thanks, Karen for the reminder. 

I have not wrapped anything yet. We draw names in our family and buy for that person. My son and his wife are participating this year but are in India for a wedding on Christmas. I have their stuff to wrap along with my stuff. My sister is doing the same for her kids. I am done shopping but need to get some $$'s from the bank for a couple of teenage gifts. $$ is always appreciated by teenagers. 

I am going to go and find the rag quilt and get that taken care of. Then on to the binding and the stars and stripes. Christmas is creeping up on us as we speak!!!

In stitches,

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