Saturday, December 11, 2010

Competition ribbon quilt


I finished the 7 bags for the gals at work last night. Jennifer is delivering them to her daughter, who in turn will deliver them to her neighbor, who is the recipient of 2 of the bags and she will take the rest to work for me. I am no longer working at that company. My training for my new job starts on Wednesday. Two extra days of sewing. Yeah!!!

Last night I cut all the rosettes away from the show ribbons. Now I have box of show ribbons and a pile of rosettes on the floor of my dining room. I am going out today to get some plain 2" wide ribbon in various colors to use for spacers between the rows. It hard to visualize right now but by the end of today I am hoping to have the top sewn together. I am using clear thread to do all the sewing and quilting. More pictures to follow. 

My ex husband is helping me with the next step on the big red square. He has done the drawing for the overlay on the quilt. That will be the next project after this one. And they both need to be done for Christmas!! No pressure. 

Jennifer, Nicole, and I were together last night for craft night. Jennifer was binding a Kid's Komfort quilt for our guild's charity project. Nicole was crocheting and got quite a bit done. She finished another strip for her afghan, a decorative scarf for herself, and was working on her mom's afghan. Wow!! It was a fun night of talking, laughing, and crafting!!

In stitches,

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