Friday, December 17, 2010



We had snow yesterday!! Since Sunday, I think we have had about 8" of snow. I was so happy not to have had to drive in it yesterday at the height of the storm. But there is always a down side to everything. I had a meeting to attend last night and it was not canceled due to the weather. I really wanted to go to the meeting. And my car was snug as bug in my garage. I have a really long driveway. In the summer it is great. I can park 5 cars end to end from my garage to the end of my driveway. In the winter not so good. I live alone and my only child lives in NYC and is in India for a wedding. I do not own a snow blower. I do own a lovely red handled shovel. So for several hours in two different shifts I worked diligently on the task at hand. I am so proud of myself, I completed clear my driveway and was able to attend my meeting last night. I have no pictures of my driveway to show you but I will post a picture later today.

No sewing was done yesterday. Between looking for a job online and shoveling the driveway there was not much time in between for sewing. I do have great plans for today. I am going to cut the binding fabric for the Show Competition quilt and make the quick Christmas project. And start making the overlay for the big red square. The girls {Nicole and Jennifer} are coming tonight for craft night. In between all of this I need to continue on the laundry. It is starting to take over. 

My son called yesterday morning from India. He is with his wife and her family for a wedding on Christmas day. He called about my job situation and let me know that he did indeed ride an elephant this time. He has been to India several times and this is his first ride on an elephant. Several of their college friends have arrived for the wedding and today they are hiking in the Himalayas. That sounds very interesting. I am hoping for pictures.

Hope everyone is getting their Christmas sewing done. Time is running short!!

In stitches,

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