Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My makeshift sewing space


Ever since Thanksgiving, I have been sewing in my dining room. It not a bad thing. I have been making bigger projects and it is nice to have the dining room table and the large folding table next to each other to hold the bulk of the bigger quilts. I sit across from the only window in that room and I really enjoy my neighbor's dogs as they frolic in the snow. I know if I go back to the sewing room I will be able to watch TV and it will keep the mess to one area. Right now the ironing board is set up in the living room and the side winder is in the kitchen. I get more exercise that way!

I am plugging away on this quilt. I am hoping to have it in the floor frame tomorrow to finish up a bit of hand quilting on it and then adding the binding. When I squared it up, the quilt lost about 4.5" on all four sides. No longer 108" square. Oh well.

In stitches,

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