Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas sewing

Not much new to report on the Christmas sewing. I am right on target for the final quilt. I am hoping to have it ready to go in the frame for the little bit of quilting that needs to be done on it. And then the binding. Note to self, next do not do anything as foolish as leaving quilts to the last minute. Sounds good on paper but won't happen in real life!!

Today I deliver the Competition Ribbon quilt. I also need to move stuff out of my car so I can repack for Christmas. I am leaving some time during the day on Christmas Eve and going to my mom's. I am going to wait until I get there to wrap my stuff. I need to remember where everything is hiding. I have the stuff my kids left here for the people whose names they have drawn. 

The list seems to be getting longer as I get more stuff finished. I am not sure how that works. Oh well. 

We had snow again last night. A couple of inches perhaps on my freshly shoveled driveway. The weatherman is teasing us with the hint of accumulating snow for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Make sure to pack my boots. I already have melting compound, a blanket, and a snow shovel in my car. I will haul these things around until spring. You never can be to prepared!!

In stitches,

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