Thursday, December 16, 2010

Good news, bad news

This is what was out my window yesterday morning. The sunrise was simply awesome. It was a sunny, crisp day. 

In everyone's life there is both good and bad news. My bad news, is the job that was supposed to start today has fallen through. I am now jobless. But the bright side to this, I am getting my Christmas quilting finished. The competition ribbon quilt is quilted. I will cut binding for and attach it tomorrow. The fabric for the overlay on the big red quilt has been purchased and it needs to be washed for color bleeding in the morning. I have a quick project that is a Christmas present that I will be making tomorrow also. But I will have to sign up for Cobra for January. Good and bad news. 

Snow is coming again overnight. My car is in the garage where it belongs. I have brought in my shovel and my broom to clear a path to my garage. And I will have to start shoveling my driveway tomorrow. I have an extremely long driveway and a car that sits low to the ground. If I do not shovel my driveway I will never be able to get my car out of the garage. 

I hope everyone is getting all their projects done for Christmas. I found cool elements to make earrings with.It might look like mini Christmas tree ornaments, but I see 6 pairs of earrings and I know my mom and sisters will just love them.  I will work on them in between all the other projects I have left to do. Busy, busy!!

In stitches,

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Shelly said...

Hello Judy, I can tell you are a positive person from the colors of fabric you use in your quilts. It's always nice to get projects finished in time. Sending warm greetings from Taiwan, Shelly.