Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sewing and snow

It is December and Ohio has not disappointed us. We had a dusting of snow yesterday and it is considerably colder outside. Every day from now on will be an adventure in weather. 


Sewing on the big red square is also an adventure. I went out after work yesterday and purchased more thread. Bigger spools. I did not quilt last night on the big red square but I did finish another row for the hand pieced scrap quilt in between calls at work. I am loading up my stuff to take to work again today. If the call volume is down it beats sitting there staring into space. 

Tonight is group meeting and the gals want to see a few of my quilts. I have one that is already sold and I am taking that with me along with my art quilt and a few others. You never know what will happen.

In stitches,


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