Friday, November 30, 2012

Surprise Sewing

I am meeting my friend from work on the 10th of December for lunch. We both work from home and we are both off on Mondays. So I am going to be a bit of sewing for her. I have located my nightgown pattern after some digging. I bought the fabric last year but time got away from me. And I have hoarded some purple and yellow fabrics to make a tote bag. I also have been asked by another friend to finish the sewing she started last year. Flannel nightgowns for herself, her twin sister, her daughter and her niece. The little girls will  have matching gowns and the big girls will have matching gowns that will co ordinate with the little girl's gowns. I am still waiting on the measurements for Elly's Christmas dress.

Elly wrapped in the afgan I crocheted for her daddy some 30 years ago!!

In stitches,

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Denise :) said...

How precious this is!! What a sweet picture. :)