Sunday, November 11, 2012



I am so proud of myself. I have finished the cover for the co sleeper and the little extra thing for the baby. I cannot say any more about that in case Elly's mommy is reading my blog. I am taking my sewing machine to the shop on Monday. It is in dire need of a tune up. I still have a bunch of sewing to do for Christmas and I need the sewing machine to be in tip top shape.

I have spent part of my evening looking for the quilt top mentioned in the previous post. I looked in all the obvious places and it was not there. I looked in the space bags where a portion of my stash is hiding and it was not there. But my gut told me it has to be in the basement sewing room. After several more minutes of searching I have found the top, the batting, and the backing. I already know where the perle cotton that I am using for quilting is and I know where the floor frame is. I am trying to decide where to put the frame. Either in the living room or here in the basement. Decisions, decisions!!

In stitches,

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