Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I know it must seem strange to talk vacation in November, but my vacation for 2013 has been approved and I will be visiting warm and sunny Georgia in February. I will be escaping the cold, dreary Ohio weather to spend some time with my sister, Karen. We tried to do this in September but it did not work out but it is set now and I cannot wait. She and her husband will not be joining us for Thanksgiving on this Sunday and she is not coming north for Christmas. I am going north for Christmas, spending it with my granddaughter, Elly and her family.

I am doing a little bit of sewing today before I pack up my machine for a trip to the shop for a tune up. I have decided that I will be cleaning the house while the machine is in the shop. And I will get my flannel quilt in the floor frame in the basement and start quilting on that. I have so many other projects to keep me busy while the machine is gone. Don't we all?!!

In stitches,

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