Saturday, November 24, 2012

Slow days

I worked on Thanksgiving and we were so slow. I marked a bunch of fabric for hand piecing, make homemade pizza sauce and homemade crust for my dinner, changed a light bulb on my front porch and I was tethered to my phone in case I got a phone. I ended up taking 10 calls in an eight period and four of them were hang up calls. Today was almost as bad, the bosses were sending people home right and left. I was one of the lucky ones that got to stay until the end of my shift. Finished marking my squares for my 3-D bow tie blocks and then started a stack of squares in case I decide I need more bow tie blocks. Saturday looks to be slow again, but my sewing machine is coming home from it's spa treatment tomorrow so I suppose I will be sewing. I have an order to make 6 dog scarves for my neighbor so I will work on them tomorrow afternoon and keep at it on the marking of my squares.

I am going to get the measurements of my grand baby, Elly, so I can start her Christmas dress. As a good quilter I rarely throw things out. I have the Christmas dress pattern I made for my god child many years ago and I am going to be using that pattern. I want to get it into the mail so they can get her Christmas pictures done.

In stitches,

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Vicky said...

Good for your using the down time for constructive purposes!