Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Busy work

Today is busy work Wednesday. I have done my dishes from last night, done a load of laundry, hung it on the lines in the basement. I have a dryer but rarely use it. The door does not stay shut and I have to jerry rig the door. I use the dryer for towels and that is about it. I also made my own fabric softemer . I have done this before but instead an expensive conditioner I use Suave Coconut Conditioner. It smells good and it is cheap. This weekend I am going to make Laundry Soap and Hand Creme. The pioneer spirit is alive and well in southern Ohio.

We have done our Thanksgiving celebration this past Sunday so there is no rushing around and cooking being done here tomorrow. I am working a different shift than normal so I will need to get to bed shortly after I get done this evening. But I am pretty sure that we won't be busy, so I am going to spend time making Christmas ornaments for my kids and marking the take along Christmas project. And I will take customer calls.

In stitches,

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