Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I have been busily sewing these last few days! I am working on the cover for the co sleeper. I think it will be finished tomorrow. Then on to bumper pads. And then one more surprise for the baby. Then it will be curtain and Christmas dress time.

I have decided that my quilting will be taking a backseat to baby sewing. I am thinking about putting up the floor frame in the living room and put this quilt on it.

  It is flannel on the top and the backing and cotton batting in between. I am going to use a running stitch using black perle cotton. I need to start finishing some of my UFO's so I make new UFO's!!! I was hoping to make a new Fall wall hanging for my basement landing but that looks more and more like a new UFO for 2013. I do not want to run out of things to do!!

In stitches,

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