Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The last few nights, I have had trouble sleeping and so I have been reading blogs and playing with mine. Not a good thing. The blog reading is fun and is giving me  bunches of ideas. Messing with my blog and it's layout is a very bad thing. I have this lovely new design and I hate it. I wanted a cute, pretty design and I cannot figure out how to get that one back. I cannot play anymore as it is almost time for me to fire up the work computer and take care of callers.

My take along Christmas project needs some work. Pieces were pinned together but not marked. There was not a good hard surface for marking. I can see that I have a bunch to do before I am able to make this the take along project. There was a bonus in the bag, yet another start of a project. With no direction or idea of what my intention was. Another "guess what I am" project. 

The car is fixed and back in my garage. The car has new front brakes, 4 new tires and an oil change. It took a good chunk of my savings, but it is only money and I cannot take it with me. Now I am waiting on my sewing machine and then all will be right with the world. 

 Had to share the picture of my son, Elly and Frankie {short for Francine} my grand dog and the "big sister". I heard that she had a bow on ear, but made quick work of it!!

In stitches,


Samantha said...

Every time something comes up and we have to use savings I always tell hubby (who stresses about dipping into savings) "It's just money, we can get more." We had several big house expenses the last couple of months and our savings is wiped out. He is not happy but I keep telling him, "we can get more". LOL!

I LOVE that picture!

Judy said...

It is always something! The dog likes to lick the baby's head!

Anonymous said...
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