Monday, November 12, 2012


Time has a way of catching us off guard. I thought I would have to work on Thanksgiving this year, so I moved our family celebration to the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Do you realize that is less than a week away. I am cooking at my sister's and that is a good thing. But there are so many details that go into that. And it turns out that we are not working on Thanksgiving, but they were looking for volunteers to work Thanksgiving. So my hand went up and that is fine. I work at home and I will not have to fight traffic to get to the office. And I imagine we will not be that busy. The extra $$'s will be nice for Christmas.

I am going to be doing a little bit of sewing this afternoon. I was going to take the sewing machine into the shop today, but it is raining and I don't want to be on the road with all the crazy rain drivers. I will be making some blocks for Hurricane Sandy relief. This seems to be an easy block and I am going to whip up a few today and take them with me when I mail out the package to Elly and the sewing machine to the shop tomorrow.

In stitches,

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