Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sewing without patterns

I am back home from New York and Hurricane Sandy. I had to stay an extra day waiting for the airport to open. I was happy to have an extra day with my granddaughter, Elly!! I have found my camera for Skype, just need to download it to my computer.

I have gladly accepted my new sewing assignment. Sewing for Elly. We have decided on  the pattern for the Christmas dress and I have decided on the fabric. Red crushed panne. Looks like velvet, but it is polyester and easy to launder in case of spit up!!

Next is the sleep cover for the co sleeper. It is a handy thing to have but it is kind of ugly. But I have the whole thing figured out in my head and now I need to make that along with bumper pads. Got all the stuff for that project and I hope to work on it this weekend. I do have to work tomorrow, but I can get started on it. As soon as I have finished the sewing and get it mailed to New York, I will post pictures!!

In stitches,


Miss Carol said...

Glad you made it home!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you all are OK. That must have been 'hard' to stay an extra day huh...hehe.