Wednesday, November 28, 2012


My Christmas sewing this year is meager. I am making Elly's Christmas dress. She is being baptized on December 23rd, and I am making a bonnet for her to wear to the church. She will be wearing the family gown. My mom wore it, all of her 6 kids, and most of her grand kids, and now her great granddaughter. I have a few ornaments I want to make for the tree in Brooklyn. Most years the kids are here and do not put up a tree. This year we will be in Brooklyn and they have very few ornaments. I have been haunting Pinterest for ornament ideas. I have have found a few that I am going to try and a few I want to do once I get there. I have a little shopping to do. And then I am done. I will put my tree up but it is small and I carry up and down from the basement. It is decorated and lighted. Just plug her it.

This is a picture of my son and his wife Tania. You can see my meager tree in the background. But it works for me and gifts end up on the floor around the tree!

In stitches,

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Vicky said...

I love your little tree. I'm going to have one exactly that size this year! The baby is adorable. This will be a memorable Christmas, for sure!