Monday, November 19, 2012

Vicious Circle

My sewing machine is in the shop for a much needed tune up and I miss it. So to pass the time in the evenings, I have been browsing quilt blogs. Checking out my favorites and reading new ones. Of course, I find new projects I want to start and then I remember my machine is in the shop! The vicious circle syndrome. So today I will start putting my dining room back together. Make it less of a sewing room and more of a dining room. I only have a couple of projects that need to be done for Christmas or before.

I am already looking towards 2013 and projects I would like to finish or start. I am thinking of doing one wall hanging a month. I have three places in my house right now where I hang quilts. A new wall hanging a month will give a chance to try out new techniques without tying me down to a larger quilt. I would like to quilt up some my tops.

It seems like an ambitious list for 2013 but seeing it in writing makes it more real. I think my sister, Karen, in Georgia will be joining me in making something every month in 2013. Hers probably won't be quilted but either drawn or painted as that is where her talent lies. We will be able to encourage each other. And hopefully we will do better on this challenge than we did on our last joint challenge. Or maybe we will finish our first challenge. Only time will tell.

In stitches,

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