Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another Quilt

Today after work I will be pin basting another quilt for the fund raiser for Villa Rama. I have found out that the event is not until the 25th of February, My plan is to pin baste tonight, quilt tomorrow and Monday and bind whenever I finish quilting. These are quilts made by the three first grade classes. I have a nephew in first grade at Villa Madonna Academy but his class quilt is already finished.

The doctor seems to think my kidney stones are not calcium in make up but uric acid in make up. So I have been put on medication for Gout, though no one has said it is truly Gout, and this medication will break up the stones. Yeah!!! I need to take the medication every day and they will see me in a year unless I have more problems. I seem to have picked up a cold which has settled in my chest and throat. Sucking on lots of Hall's and drinking lots of fluids. I still have one more day to take calls before my weekend starts. Last week I took close to 60 calls all day, so I need to keep my voice working. People always want me to talk louder when I have very little voice to begin with. I should have almost nothing by tonight.

I have pressed all the scraps in my Saturday Scrap Bag. Was looking forward to starting something today but that will go on the back burner for a while. I also have enough pieces of flannel that were gifted to me to make sleep pants for my nephew, Neil. They will get in line behind the quilt. I want him to have them while it is still cold outside.

In stitches,

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