Friday, January 20, 2012


All kind of things happen on Fridays. My work computer lost connectivity once and knocked me off line altogether another time. Rebooted the whole system twice. We are anticipating some nasty weather this evening and overnight but in the middle of the afternoon my power went out in this whole area. The power company assured me that it would be back on  by 5pm. Yeah. You wish by the end of the week you could get off the phones and relax but in the winter that is not a good wish. It gets cold in the house when the furnace is not working. The power was off for about an hour and it is toasty in my house once again. I am hoping to get to the sewing machine soon and work on the quilting for the fund raising quilt for my sister's school.

Tomorrow after work my sister and her boyfriend are joining me for dinner and a computer clinic. There are a few things not connected on the new computer and a few things that did not make it to the new computer from the old one and I am missing them.

In stitches,

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