Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I was being so good

I was being so good this year. Not buying any fabric unless absolutely necessary. I am already ahead of the game until last night. Went to my small quilting group and came home a pattern to make scrub hats, a quilt that needs some more hand quilting which I adore doing and some fabric. The gal that gave me the pattern for the scrub hat said she had some fabric suitable to make scrub hats. I took the fabric gladly and I did not realize until much later that she had just cleaned out her sewing room. How interesting would scrub hats be made out of flannel. I have enough flannel now to back a couple of baby quilts. So on Sunday I will have to add this fabric to my stash report and then sew madly to get it out of my stash!! Oh well this is life and I must just deal with it and I will!

In stitches,

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