Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Guild Challenge

Went to my guild meeting last night and it was an interesting mix of ideas and eye candy. We always have an awesome Show and Tell and last night was no exception!     

I showed the Contest Quilt. I have given it a  name finally. Circle Game. It now needs a label stating all the important information. I still need to take pictures of the quilt hanging on the wall and I will post those on the blog later this week.

We discussed how to navigate our website. We have started not mailing our newsletter and having it put on our website. We also discussed the addiction that blogs seem to have. All the quilting blogs that are out there and all the pretty eye candy that comes on a blog, all the cool patterns that our out there on different blogs, and all the cool ideas that are on blogs. The gal giving the talk said it is like opening a new quilt magazine when you open a blog. That is so true. You can read her blog at The Polka Dot Chicken . It is a very interesting blog and reads just like the personality is put out at the meeting last night!\

The other point brought out last night was UFO's. Everyone has them and this year if we each sewed 15 minutes a day it is amazing how quickly those UFO's would become finished projects that could be paraded at the next  guild meeting's Show and Tell. So today I am going to try and find 15 minutes to sew. I am working on a purple back pack. So I am guessing that cutting more charm squares for this project counts as sewing. I would  like to have the cutting done so I can make that finished project.

In stitches,

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