Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Picky Photographer

I am entering the Quilt Contest that Joann Fabrics is putting. I have been busily designing, cutting, piecing, and quilting my latest masterpiece for the contest. The last item on the list is taking a photograph or two of the quilt on a flat surface. The quilt measures 56 x 62, odd size I know. Just where does one find a flat surface in one's house to accommodate a quilt this size.

I decided on my living room wall. I had always been meaning to make something to hang in that spot so here was my chance! I purchased a package of command hooks because my walls are plaster and nasty to get a nail into. I was going to out and purchase a wooden rod but I was having computer issues with my work computer and I was waiting  the "IT" guys to call back. It was my day off so now I am tied to my house waiting for their call back.

I am my father's daughter and I "jerry rigged" a rod out of a white aluminum cafe rod and the curtain in my dining room. The weight of the quilt made the rod bow and I was afraid it would fall down off the wall. I took my pictures went on my way to Meijers to have them printed. In the camera they looked fine but in prints it looked bad. Made my inner border look lumpy and pulled funny. And in real life it is not that way.  Plan B went to Home Depot and had them cut 1" PVC pipe to length and I put the other makeshift rod inside of it and now the quilt is happily hanging in my living room. 

I have proceeded to photograph that quilt with in an inch of it's life. I think I have taken close to 50 pictures of the quilt. I never knew I was this picky. I am seeing all kinds of bumps and blemishes real or imagined. I got up this morning and took 9 more pictures at least. The quilt will hang all day today and I am leaving at 4:30 to go to Meijer's to print my pictures. I am done, I think.

In stitches,

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CatQuilter said...

Fantastic job on the contest quilt! Good luck with your entry.