Saturday, November 13, 2010

Treasures in my sewing room

Yesterday, I found treasures in my sewing room. I have somewhat organized my sewing room and I am amazed at what I have found. I have been practicing machine quilting on baby quilt panels. I thought I was down to my last one when I found these in a bag on the shelf with all my 30's prints. I think the blue one will need borders to make it a good size for a baby quilt. I measured it and it's only 24 x 36 and I like my baby quilts to be 36 x 45. I am sure that there is something in my stash for borders!!

 All I need is the batting which is living in my dining room right. I pin baste on my dining room table and that will work until it is time for Thanksgiving, I will then have to take up my sewing table in order to have space for everyone to eat. And after Thanksgiving I will be pin basting a queen size quilt and will need both tables to get it basted.  No more details about that quilt until after Christmas as it is a Christmas gift and one never knows who is reading this blog. Jennifer is also making the same quilt and same size so we will spend one or two evenings basting both quilts.

I am off to get ready for work. We are doing yet another mandatory Saturday. Then after a quick stop at JoAnn's and Walmart I am coming home to sew. Finish the 4 bags I started last night and machine quilt the pink quilt to work on at my sister's house while she is sewing on her daughter's quilt.

In stiches,

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