Friday, November 12, 2010

Sew Day

It's Friday and it's sew day!! Jennifer is coming tonight and we are going to be working on my tote bags. She is in charge of ironing and I am in charge of sewing. I should be able to get the first stage done tonight and the quilting and finishing work done by the end of the weekend. I have orders for 7 bags.

I think I have found a buyer for my "Cars" quilt. Yipee!! This is such a help for my fledging sewing business. Word of mouth is great advertising.

I hope everyone gets to sew this weekend!! I know I will be squeezing my sewing in between the mandatory overtime on Saturday and visiting my sister on Sunday.

In stitches,

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karen said...

Judy- sounds like you will be doing a lot of sewing. i hope i will be able to finish up the quilt while you are here. you can see my latest art work. my barn in pastel in finished. next up a barn in pencil.See you sunday.