Monday, November 29, 2010

Onward and Upward


Thanksgiving is over and all the leftovers are gone!! A good majority of them left on Thanksgiving, my son and his wife ate some while they were here, and yesterday they took the rest with them when they went to visit his dad. I am on a medically supervised weight loss program and I am not eating. It is a liquid diet with an occasional Lean Cuisine. I was able to make some good choices on Thanksgiving and enjoy the meal with the rest of the family.

We had a houseful for Thanksgiving. 17 people in all, including 5 children 8 and younger and that included a crawler. I baby proofed my house and the child never made it to the floor. I had flashlights and legos for the rest of the kids and both were a hit. We only had one broken dish and one bit of broken skin. 

My daughter in law and I hit the outlet mall for the big sales on Friday. She got several shirts and a dress for herself, a pair of trousers and two dress shirts for my son. I am not sure how they will get that in their carry on bags when they go home tomorrow. I offered to box the stuff up and mail it her but she declined!

I am getting ready to pin baste a queen sized quilt for a Christmas gift. Right now I am working on getting the fabric to stop running. It is red and bleeding. I still have the tables set up from Thanksgiving and I am letting my king sized batt breathe. Once I stop the bleeding and get it is dried and ironed, Jennifer and I will start pin basting it. I have washed the red fabric twice and I think the bleeding has stopped. Onward to the dryer and the ironing board. 

Christmas came early to my house!! My kids will not be joining us for Christmas this year they are going to be in India for a wedding and spending time with my daughter in law's parents. I got this lovely IPOD touch. I am having a ball with it. I need to get a wireless router for my internet and then I know I will be dangerous. They had it engraved "To the world's greatest Mom. Love Nick and Tania"

This is the quilt currently living on my bed. It is a queen sized flannel rag quilt that I made several years ago and it just gets better with age. 

In stitches, 

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