Thursday, November 18, 2010

Counting down to Thanksgiving

I am slowly crossing stuff off my list for Thanksgiving. Tonight I cleaned off my dresser so that I could clean out the buffet and store the glassware on the top of my dresser. The buffet will be moved to my bedroom on Thanksgiving so I can put an extra table or two for the holiday.  I started baby proofing the living room. I also wanted to fix my swiffer but I cannot find my glue. I will be getting my gorilla glue back from my mom this weekend so I will glue my swiffer then and finish the mopping of the kitchen and bathroom. Tomorrow night Jennifer and I will be working on the sewing room.

I did cut out a scrap quilt to hand piece. I need to finish cutting the pieces for this quilt. I only need 243 - 3.5" squares and 243 - 3.5" x 7.5" rectangles. I am using my bright fabrics. Something to cheer me up during another long, dreary winter. I would like to hand quilt it after the first of the year. Perhaps something to enter in the fair in July. It certainly doesn't hurt to plan ahead. I did not have anything to put in the fair last year.

In stiches,

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