Friday, November 5, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!!

This week has been a busy sewing week! I have gotten so much sewing done this week. It started last Friday night when Jennifer came over and we worked on the beginnings of the tote bags for work. We did 4 of them that night. Or at least we started four of them. I finished 2 over the weekend. I also layered a baby panel and quilted it on my machine. It has binding on it and it is finished. I also finished a small wall hanging I had been working for the last few weeks. Today I was off work for a doctor's appointment and I finished the other 2 totes. Went to JoAnn's and got more Warm and Natural for more totes, some fabric for a autumnal wall hanging for my shelf in the landing, and some fall flowers for my table scape for Thanksgiving. I also picked up some pink for a tote bag for a ltitle girl so she will match her mommy. I have layered the autumnal fabric with some warm and natural and have done all the quilting on it. I wound gold metallic in the bobbin and quilted on the back side, so the gold metallic would show up on the front It is bound and all I need to do is to hand stitch the binding and add the sleeve. I also had a panel from the movie "Cars" that I layered up and that will be the next quilt to be machine quilted. I am on a quilting roll!!

This is the shelf where the autumnal wall hanging will go.

In stitches,

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