Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Looking for Fabric

I am looking for the following fabric. It was made by Fabric Traditions in 2008. It has been a big hit on the bags I am making and I would love to get more of it. If anyone has any in their stash and is willing to part with it please let me know!!

Today is Wednesday and I have been up for almost an hour cutting fabric before going to work. I have orders for 7 little tote bags out of bright, cheery fabric. I have gotten into the 5" fabric bucket to finds lots of brights.

I have cut skinny strips and 3.5" strips for a new quilt. The new quilt will not be started until my Christmas sewing is finished.

Off to get ready for yet another 10 hour day. We have been informed that we have to do another mandatory 8 hours on Saturday!! Then Sunday I will be going out to my sister's {Hi Karen!!} to check out her new sewing machine.

In stitches,

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