Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getting ready for Thanksgiving

I am hosting Thanksgiving again this year at the house and I am expecting upwards of 20 people. The sewing machine has been put away so I won't be tempted to sew instead of clean. That is a big temptation for me. I am going to focus this week on the sewing room. The children will be down in the sewing room watching movies, drawing and coloring. I would hate to lose someone in the mess!! Plus it will be nice to have the sewing room straightened up to finish my Christmas sewing!!

I spoke with my son and his wife last night. They were tag team painting their New York City apartment kitchen. Brick red I believe. They were applying the second coat. I am hoping to see pictures!! They will be arriving around 10am in Dayton on Thanksgiving and his dad will meet them and take them back to his house where they will put up a car for them to use while they are in town and then they will all travel to my house in two cars. My daughter in law will do her part of the cooking once she gets here. I am hoping that when they get here I will be all done with everything and relaxing on the sofa.  They will be staying part time with me and part time with his dad.

The system was down again at work yesterday. A different part was down this time. By the end of my shift, I had talked to a lot of irratated people. We moved into this building the first week of November and it has been one problem after another. I am hoping everything is up and running this morning or it will be another long day!! Every day at work is an adventure!!

I need to go and check out the ads and see where I need to shop this week to get a good deal on a Turkey!

In stitches,

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