Thursday, November 11, 2010

System Issues

These are the two worst words in my work vocabulary. Last week we were "down" all day on Tuesday. I work in a call center. Yesterday somebody in a back hoe split the fiber optic cable that services our system at work. Not good. Callers do not seem to understand that when our system is down we get a blank screen and cannot see their information. And we do not know when the system will be fixed. One lady said she would call back on Monday giving us plenty of time to fix the problem. I hope they got the cable repaired last night, but I am not counting on it.

I would like to say that I came home last night and sewed but that would have been a lie. I was bushed. Tonight I have a meeting after work and then I am hoping to get the prep work done for the sewing of my tote bags tomorrow with Jennifer. We may have an extra person tomorrow night. My friend, Nicole from work may come and crotchet while we are sewing and pressing.

Saturday is mandatory overtime. And this was before we had system issues. I am hoping my co workers do the right thing and show up. No one likes to work Saturday but the money is nice. And we are being out sourced the end of January.

In stitches,

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