Thursday, February 11, 2010


It's not quite the weekend yet. It's Thursday. I got a little bit of hand quilting done on the Iris quilt today in between calls at work. And nothing done tonight at the house except for making a pan pizza for dinner. No new pictures of the outside. It is still snow covered and cold. My car is not sleeping in the garage because it cannot make it down the driveway. And the weatherman is forecasting more snow for Sunday. How depressing!

I am working  at least 4 hours on Saturday. It is not overtime as I wimped out on Tuesday and did not go to work. Then it will be time to work on the layette for this baby. I will start with the easy stuff first. Two doll quilts and then on to the harder stuff baby clothes without patterns.And what new mommy will need is a diaper bag to put the layette in.  Piece of cake. Baby Madeline is coming and want to have the layette done as soon as possible. I know my sister is working feverishly on the baby quilt for Madeline and her hubby does his best to help by pointing out that the baby could come any time and the quilt is not done. We all can use helpers like that.

I am off to bed under my flannel rag quilt. Nice and toasty warm to dream about warm and sunny anything.

In stitches,

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