Saturday, February 20, 2010

Projects, Projects, Projects!!!!

I have finally gotten my act together and here are a few pictures of what is going on in my life. I have pulled out projects to finish and now I want to start a new project. Or at least get the cutting done on a new project for my bedroom. This is in part due to joining  Friday Night Sew In. It has motivated me into a sewing frenzy!!

This is what I call the Iris wall hanging. It was pieced by someone else and has been living in a box for many years. I have been hand quilting on it almost daily is almost done. I am going to check in the stash for a binding and attach it before leaving for work today.

Someone pointed out that Scrap Basket Surprises is an awesome book and I happened to have it out on the bench in sewing room. I took it to work and picked out a project to start. It is called Feed Sack. It looks like it would be easy to make. The last and only quilt I have made for my bed is flannel rag quilt that has gotten a lot of use lately. It has been cold and snowy here in my corner of Ohio.

 I have been collecting 30's prints for over 6 months  And here are a few of them ready for cutting. I am going to start cutting them today and hopefully once the Iris wall hanging and the Olympic project are done I can start on this one.  


Tonight when I get home from work, if I feel up to it, I am going to start machine qulting this Kid's Komfort quilt. The layering is just about done and it will be a true scrappy quilt. The top is made from 2.5 strips from stash. The back is made from 5" strips from my stash and the binding will also be scrappy. Kill the stash!!

In stitches,



Jandi said...

The Kids Komfort Quilt is great! I am always amazed by what can be completed with scraps.

Bobbi said...

you might want to peek at my blog :)

manuela said...


CJ said...

Cute quilts! Congrats on your win!! You will love the pincushion - I got one last month so I know. ;) Fun fabric to be winning too. Happy quilting!