Monday, February 8, 2010

More about Monday

I finally finished shovelling my entire driveway yesterday. But there will no resting on my laurels. Snow is coming again to mess up my driveway. I have the car all packed with the snow essentials. My broom, shovel, melting compound, wiper fluid, blanket, and the broom scraper thing that I will take into the office with me in the morning. I just have to pack an overnight bag in case the weather is bad to travel home. Or maybe I will sleep at my desk. I am getting up early and leaving for the long 12 minute on a good day commute to the office. I have heard from several co-workers that they will not be coming in to the office tomorrow. I work in a call center and people who do not live in Ohio will still need their medications. If I was independently wealthy, I would stay home tomorrow but I have bills to pay so I will go to work in the white death tomorrow. 

In stitches,


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