Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's Friday!!

All week long the weatherman in my town has been ranting about the white death that is coming on Friday. I woke to find sleet on my driveway and that weather conditions got worse as you drove north. Guess who was going north? You get the picture. I got dressed grabbed my stuff and our the door I went on trek north to work. The further north I got the sleet stopped and it was replaced by rain. I am thinking I like rain a lot better than sleet and it gave me chance to try out my new wiper blades and they worked awesome.

The weatherman has teased us with accumulating snow of 5-7 inches overnight. It really needs to get busy outside. I am thinking it will need to get colder so the sleet can change over to snow. I am glad that I do not have to go out again until Monday morning, but I am concerned that my mom has to drive in this mess in the morning.

I need to practice with my camera and figure out how to get the flash shut off. The pictures of the snow {what little there is} did not turn out.

Saturday will be for sewing. I need to make doll clothes for two babies and doll quilts for those babies. I am thinking the doll quilts will be the most fun. And the JK Project and Kid's Komfort.

In stitches,

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