Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Snow Day

The weatherman was right after all. The snow that he predicted for us in Ohio did come after all. Last night when I went to bed I had my doubts, but this afternoon as I was shoveling the 6 inches off my long driveway, I was convinced. I realized this afternoon just how long my diriveway is. I know that I can park 5 cars on it back to back. I have done some of the driveway and will finish it later. Like tomorrow.

I have black bean chili in the crockpot and after I get a bowl of it for dinner I am getting busy down here  in the sewing room. I have 3 more blocks to make for my Kid's Komfort quilt. I would like to get it layered and quilted this weekend so I can have some hand work to do at our quilt meeting on Tuesday. I also want to start on the layette for this baby doll. In fact, I am making the layette three times. My great nieces, Bella and Aliie will become big sisters this month when their mom has Madeline. The girls got this baby from my mom Great Maggi for Christmas.
I bought an extra doll for a pattern and my niece Lily will have something to do whenever she comes to spent the night.I am going to be making a night gown, a dress, some pants and a shirt for each of the babies along with a doll quilt and diaper bag. My sister will take them with her when she goes to help out after the baby comes.

Let me explain the JK Project to you. My sister, Karen, is into to painting and drawing and in one of her magazine she read an article about painting using prompts. Every time the lady in article got stuck on her latest painting she would draw a prompt out of her bag of prompts and do that to her painting. So my sister and I spent an afternoon coming up our prompts. Exzmples of our prompts: Use black, embellish with buttons, use fancy yarn, use all or part of a magazine ad, etc. We decided on a color for the background of our individual projects. I should mention that I am fabric for my project and she is using a canvas. Pink is the starting point and size does not matter. Fancy yarn goes on tomorrow. I will keep you posted on the progress of this project.

I got this morning and took one more step towards getting of my new bat phobia. I have been afraid to cook in the kitchen since the bat incident. Today I took the perfectly good cookie that has bat kooties on it and put the cookie sheet in the recycle bin. I can always get a new cookie sheet and I want to be able to cook in my kitchen again.

In stitches,


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