Monday, February 15, 2010

Dinner with Family

I had dinner with my family on Sunday. My sister, Patty, made vegetable lasagne in the crockpot. We had salad and bread and some of my sister, Becky's candy from Valentine's Day. I made brownies from a box. And of course wine for those who partake of things like that.

I took some good pictures of the kids sledding down my mom's front hill but managed to erase everything in my camera. I have everything but the kid's sledding pictures saved to my computer.

We are having more snow again. We are expecting 7-9 inches or more by the end of the day. Yipee!! I am at work and will work on my iris wall quilt between calls. We are ususally slow on Mondays and today will not be any different.

In stitches,

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jilly said...

7-9 inches, wow! I remember living in Ohio. My folks are from Canton and Arkon. We lived in Canton when I was between 7-9, so that struck me as funny(inches of snow).

I am really looking forward to your Iris quilt. I love Iris', they are one of my favorites.

Keep warm,