Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I have figured out that I will never use all of my stash. Each project I start is really a continuation of the last project. I just finished a rag quilt for my nephew for Christmas and I went out over the weekend and purchased some more blue flannel to make a Court House Steps flannel quilt for myself. I found a bunch of flannel strips from a quilt I did years ago and now I am adding some more flannel to that to make yet another quilt. I am hoping not buy much more flannel to finish this quilt. I don't want to grow more flannel in a dark corner of my stash!

This weekend starts Tri-State Shop Hop in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. This is the binder that was provided for the shop hop.  This will be the first time I have gone in a long time.  Jennifer is going with me and this will be here first time. I am looking for a little bit of flannel for my newest project. (see above) I can always use more 30's for my two projects I am cutting out now. And there are two books I am looking for. We are packing a picnic lunch to eat while we are out. We will be doing most of it on Saturday and finishing up locally on Sunday.

I did a bit of sewing tonight. I mended a pair of gym shorts for a gal's daughter at work and I made my belt. Not an exciting evening but I did get some things accomplished. Along with one load of laundry. And I am hoping that tomorrow night my Moon Flower will bloom. I must have at least 75 smallish buds on the plant and one bloom. These plants only bloom at night. And they smell awesome!!!

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CatQuilter said...

Have a wonderful time with Shop Hop. I've gone once and spent entirely too much - but it was fun. Hope you and Jennifer win one or more of the raffles too!