Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Life is Funny

Life is funny!! This morning I was awoken from a sound sleep by a phone call from my sister (Hi Karen). In fact it was her pocket calling me to say hello. I could hear her talking but she was not talking to me. I tracked her down from my call ID and I texted her to let her know that she scared the crap out of me and that I hoped she had a great day at work. She apologized once she got the text.  The one with the camera is guilty of pocket dialling.

My family have made their Labor Day plans. We are meeting at Mom's on Saturday. I have picked up overtime for Saturday and again on Labor Day. I have decided to have all the shopping bags done for my sisters and my mom. I have two completely finished, one that is almost finished and one not started. I should be able to finish one tomorrow night and start on my mom's. My mom's is going to scrappy purple. The others are just plain scrappy. Then I will have to make one for myself.

This is what impeded my trip home from work today. I decided not to fight traffic on the highway and take surface streets home from work. A train. I try and take one or two pictures every day. So here is today's picture.

In stitches,

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