Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shop Hop Part One

I am up and getting ready for the Shop Hop. I am so excited!!! I still have not gotten something for lunch. I  will storp somewhere while we are out and get some humus and go with that. Everything else is done except for loading the cooler and leaving, but Jennifer is not due here for almost an hour.

I am finding pictures of quilts I have done in the past. Here is a quilt I made several years ago for my niece, Kate, for her first communion. She loves Penquins!!! She was so surprised. Her cousin made her first communion that day and she also loves Penquins and I made her a pillow with a single Penquin on it. I later made Kate a matching pillow.

I need to go and finish getting ready for the day. I will post again tonight with my purchases and anything interesting we see along the way!!!

Remember those who left us too soon nine years ago today.

In stitches,

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