Thursday, September 9, 2010

No sew Thursday

I did not sew tonight but I did work on EQ7 working on the flannel quilt design. I am trying not to buy more flannel. It just becomes a viciuous cycle. The blocks are 12" finished and I am thinking about doing 6 x 7 and if I want it bigger I can always add a border. It will make a nice cuddle quilt and I am going to hand quilt it with perle cotton.

I am also going to start a baby quilt for my daughter in law. She is NOT pregnant but when she does becomae pregnant I want to be able to send this quilt to her and my son. I designed it on EQ7 and I have purchased some sweet baby fabric for this quilt. And once we know the sex of the baby I will make a gender specific quilt.

In stitches,

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