Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

In my next life I am going to learn how to read. I got up this morning, took my shower, and gathered up all the stuff I needed at work today and went merrily to work. Once I got there I found out  I was not on the schedule. But since I am cross trained on both systems and there was a lot of work in the newest system I was welcome to stay. I worked for about 4 hours and then made a trip to JoAnn's just to look. And look what followed me home!

The Warm and Natural and the four pieces of flannel is for a flannel quilt using my scraps in the courthouse steps pattern. The blue will be for the centers and that matches the blue from Vincent's rag quilt.

The purple pieces are being added to the purple I have on hand to make a Split Decision quilt for my mom. The only place in my house the aqua/turquoise fabric would work is in my bathroom. My house is older and all the fixtures in bathroom are those colors. But then a small wallhanging in the bathroom would not be such a bad idea.

In stitches,

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